Abraham Popoola

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NameAbraham Popoola
Age33 Years Old
Birthday1991 AD June 9
Net worthUnder Review
Abraham Popoola

In the ever growing entertainment industry, there are a lot of rising talents but only few are able to shine with promising talent, one of them being Abraham Popoola. He is such a unique talent who has paved his own path to his success in career with dedication and hard work to his craft. Started from a humble background he has now been able to catch the heart of many audience around the world.

Net worth

Abraham Popoola as a public figure he has accumulated a lot of fortune to his name. Although his net worth is still under review and is hidden from public it is safe to say he has a multi million dollar figures in his net worth by looking at the amount big projects he has been part of. His fame has allowed him to gain more brand endorsements which has helped him to earn more and add to his net worth.

Abraham Popoola

Early Life, Education and Parents Details

Abraham Popoola was born on 9th June 1991 AD in Hackney, London, England to a modest family. His parents created such a learning environment for him so that he can understand the meaning of dedication and hard work due to which he has nailed the success in his career. His parents worked effortlessly throughout their life to provide him all the resources in shaping his career and learning to value things.

From an early age he had a god gifted talent towards art and displayed immense talent in front of the others which he got successful in catching eyes of many people. He had such a talent that was yet to be polished and his parents respecting and recognizing his talent they encouraged and supported him which has helped in initiating his journey in the entertainment industry.

Abraham Popoola

Abraham Popoola was sent to local school in Lagos in which he delivered excellent performance in his academics as well. During his school life he participated in various events and dramas by which he got the chance to show his talent and polish it. Later after completing secondary level education he was able to earn a scholarship to study theatre arts at a prestigious university in the goal of achieving higher education and skills.



Electric Dreams
2019Arabian Nights
National Theatre: Julius Caesar
Les Miserables
A Christmas Carol
The Great
Unprecedented: Real Time Theatre from a State of Isolation
Jingle Jungle: A Christmas Journey
The Dark Tower
2022The Curse
2023The Rig
The Marvels
Tales of Kenzera: Zau

Controversies and Relationships

Abraham Popoola is very good with keeping his profile low and hidden from media due to which he has not been linked or been part of any controversies as of now. Also due to this his relationship status is still unknown and is private. Although having been linked to several big names in the film industry along with his few co stars the relationship has never been confirmed to public by himself which remains a mystery to the public.

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Height1.96 m
Weight196 Lbs.
BirthplaceHackney, London, England


Where was Abraham Popoola born?

Abraham Popoola was born on 9 June 1991 AD in Hackney, London, England.

How tall is Abraham Popoola?

Abraham Popoola is 1.96 m in height.

Does Abraham Popoola have an Instagram?

Yes, Abraham Popoola does have an Instagram with username @abesees.

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