CJ Jones, an exceptional entertainer, was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1951. Despite being deaf since infancy, he didn’t let his disability deter his passion for performance. He became renowned for his talents as a comedian, actor, and advocate for the deaf community. Jones made significant strides in promoting deaf representation in the entertainment industry.

In 1973, Jones moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams in show business. He honed his skills as a comedian, incorporating American Sign Language (ASL) into his acts, making them accessible to deaf and hearing audiences alike. His unique blend of physical comedy, storytelling, and ASL earned him widespread acclaim.

CJ Jones
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Jones gained widespread recognition for his role in the critically acclaimed film “Baby Driver” (2017), directed by Edgar Wright. In the film, he played Joseph, the foster father of the protagonist, and his performance showcased his comedic timing and dramatic depth.

Throughout his career, Jones has been a tireless advocate for deaf representation and accessibility in the entertainment industry. He continues to inspire audiences worldwide with his talent, humor, and dedication to breaking down barriers for the deaf community.

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Age73 – 74
Birthday1949 or 1950
Networth$2 Million
ProfessionAmerican actor, director, producer, and writer


CJ jones’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. The considerable wealth comes from this succesful career as a American actor, director, producer, and writer. However his net worth estimates can vary depending on sources and may change over time due to factors such as new projects, and other financial endeavors.

Early life of CJ Jones

CJ Jones, born in 1951, hails from St. Louis, Missouri, USA. He was born deaf due to a case of meningitis at a very young age. Growing up in a world not always attuned to the needs of the deaf community, Jones faced challenges, but his determination and passion for performance propelled him forward.

From an early age, Jones showed a natural inclination towards entertainment. He was drawn to the world of comedy and acting, using his innate talents to communicate and connect with others. Despite the barriers posed by his deafness, Jones pursued his dreams relentlessly.

CJ Jones
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Jones’s journey led him to Los Angeles in 1973, where he sought to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry. There, he encountered both opportunities and obstacles, but his unwavering dedication and talent ultimately paved the way for his success.

Throughout his early life, Jones navigated the complexities of being a deaf individual in a predominantly hearing world, using humor and creativity to break down barriers and forge connections. His experiences would later shape his advocacy work for deaf representation and accessibility in the entertainment industry.


CJ Jones was born deaf into a family where all of his siblings are also deaf. Growing up in this environment, American Sign Language (ASL) was his primary means of communication. This background profoundly influenced his later work and advocacy in the arts and for the deaf community.

While specific details about CJ Jones’s early educational background aren’t widely publicized, like many deaf individuals, his education likely involved schools and programs tailored to support deaf learners. But it is said that he attended Missouri School for the Deaf. Many deaf students in the United States attend schools that specialize in deaf education, where ASL and other communication strategies are integral parts of the curriculum. These institutions not only provide academic education but also play a crucial role in the cultural and social development of deaf individuals.

CJ Jones
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CJ Jones’s experiences in a predominantly deaf family and possibly in educational institutions focusing on deaf education would have been foundational, helping him develop a strong identity within the deaf community. His fluency in ASL and deep understanding of deaf culture have been central to his career and advocacy work, enabling him to make significant contributions both onscreen and off, promoting greater representation and accessibility for deaf individuals in the entertainment industry and beyond.


There are no major controversies associated with CJ Jones, a prominent deaf actor and comedian known for his roles in films such as “Baby Driver” and his contributions to the American Sign Language (ASL) community. Jones has been recognized for his advocacy for deaf entertainers and his efforts to increase representation and accessibility in the entertainment industry.


CJ jones is married to his spouse Casandra jones. He has tried to pass on the lessons he learned from his father to his six kids. One of seven hearing children born to two deaf African American parents, Jones lost his hearing at the age of 7 after a bout with spinal meningitis. He shows a lot of support to his kids and is a wonderful father encouraging us to have the best education for their future.

CJ Jones
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Most Asked Questions

CJ Jones is a respected figure in the entertainment industry, particularly known for his advocacy for deaf actors and his work in promoting American Sign Language in the media. Some of the most common questions about CJ Jones often relate to his career, advocacy, and experiences as a deaf actor. Here are a few along with typical answers:

1.Who is CJ Jones?
CJ Jones is a deaf American actor, producer, director, and comedian. He gained notable attention for his role in the film “Baby Driver” and has been involved in various projects aimed at improving representation and accessibility for deaf performers in the entertainment industry.

2.How did CJ Jones become deaf?
CJ Jones was born deaf. He is one of seven children, all of whom are also deaf. His life and career have been shaped by his experiences as a deaf individual, and he uses these experiences to inform and inspire his work.

3.What are some of CJ Jones’s notable roles?
One of CJ Jones’s most recognized roles is in the movie “Baby Driver,” where he played the foster father to the main character, Baby. He has also appeared in other films and television shows and is involved in various projects within the deaf community.

4.What advocacy work does CJ Jones do?
CJ Jones is a strong advocate for the deaf community, particularly in the arts and entertainment industry. He works to increase awareness and opportunities for deaf performers and to improve accessibility in media production and distribution.

5.Has CJ Jones contributed to any significant projects or initiatives?
Beyond acting, CJ Jones has been involved in initiatives to teach American Sign Language (ASL) and has participated in various workshops and events that focus on ASL and deaf culture. He also promotes the use of technology and media to aid in the education and empowerment of deaf individuals.

These questions highlight his role not just as an entertainer but as a pivotal figure in promoting diversity and inclusion within the arts. If you’re looking for more detailed or specific information, it could be beneficial to look up recent interviews, talks, or presentations where CJ Jones discusses his work and advocacy. (edited)

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