Kaileen Chang

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NameKaileen Chang
BirthdayJuly 19, 2009
Net worthUnder Review

In the vibrant tapestry of the film industry, there are many big names who are bot only famous but they inspire the next generation who dream big about making their name in film industry. Kaileen Chang is a name who is an exceptional young talent who has not only inspired this generation but has utterly shown her talent to the world at such a young competitive age.

Kaileen Chang

She is an emerging star or saying she is the one of the big faces of film industry in upcoming years makes no difference. Through her humble start in the film industry working hard to level up her skills and talent she is writing a story of her own which is a good example of passion, resilience and undebatable talent.

Net worth

As a young actress Kaileen Chang has yet to pave her path through the annals of Hollywood, she continue to rise. With her extraordinary talent and character she has attracted much projects which has helped her financially in such a very young age.

Kaileen Chang

Meanwhile her exact figures of net worth remains in secrecy and is still under review but looking at her recent projects and works it is safe to say she has accumulated at least a million dollar of net worth. From her blockbuster film roles to brand endorsements and deals she surely has accumulated a good amount of fortune at such a very young age.

Early Life, Education and Parents Details

Kaileen Chang was born on 19 July in 2009 into a modest family in a small hospital in Los Angeles. Her parents were both immigrants who were very sincere and hardworking by which she was raised in determined and sincere environment. Her intelligence, diligence and determination for work from a very young age made her influence in the entertainment industry.

Her father was a skilled craftsman while her mother was a nurse which supported her to pursue and polish her creativity which became a foundation for her success in start of her acting career. She has a sister named Jaylee.

Kaileen Chang

As a sincere and determined child she was hungry for more knowledge and skills and excelled in her education. Her academic journey has been very great so far. After completing her primary education with distinction she sets her journey in academic on higher learning by enrolling in the prestigious School of Performing Arts at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).


2019Dead Giveaway
2021Back in Time
A Crazy Daisy Disaster
2023 – 2024I Woke Up a Vampire


2024Best Lead Performer, Children’s or Youth
(I Woke Up a Vampire)

Controversies and Relationships

Controversies and celebrities are like two side of a coin which are very difficult to separate from each other. Likewise Kaileen Chang’s personal life is also a subject of interest for her audience and the media because of her fame.

One of her such controversy sparked when a series of leaked emails exposed her bad remarks about a fellow actress. Even though denying those allegations and expressing apology to public this incident has left a dark spot on her reputation and fame. This incident spread widely world wide sparkling huge gossips around the media.

Kaileen Chang

However, no matter those dark incident she stands still and strong focusing her career and polishing her talent through hard work and dedication to her craft.

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FAQ’s about Kaileen Chang

What is Kaileen Chang’s nationality?

Kaileen Chang is an American actress.

How old is Kaileen Chang?

Kaileen Chang is 15 years old

Does Kaileen Chang have Instagram?

Yes, Kaileen Chang is on Instagram as @kaileenchang.

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