Keir Gilchrist

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NameKeir David Peters Gilchrist
Birthday28 September
Net Worth$5 million
ProfessionMusician and Actor

Keir Gilchrist is a Canadian actor and musician born on 28 September 1992 AD. He has appeared in many T.V and comedy shows, he portrayed Marshall Gregson on the Showtime comedy-drama United States of Tara (2009 – 2011 AD) and headlined the Netflix comedy drama Atypical (2017 – 2021 AD).

Keir Gilchrist

He has also worked in films including comedy drama Its Kind of a Funny Story (2010 AD) and supernatural horror It Follows (2014 AD).

Besides of his acting life he is also the vocalist of grindcore band Whelm and Death Metal band Phalanx.

Net worth

Keir Gilchrist has a net worth of $5 million according to CelebNetworth. He started his his career at such a young age which has helped him build a fortune of net worth. His determination, hard work, consistency and immense talent have enabled him to become a role model for upcoming younger generations.

Real estate

Keir Gilchrist’s net worth is heavily influenced by his investments in various properties and buildings. He owns a property situated in both New York and Ontario each which has resulted in massive profit for him.

Endorsement and Investments

Keir Gilchrist also gets his paycheck from various brand partnerships, brand endorsements and business ventures as well.

Keir Gilchrist

Looking back 3 years back in 2021 his net worth was $4.2 million, later after with $4.6 million in 2022 AD and $5 million in 2023 AD which reflects his hard work and success in entertainment industry and his financial management.

Early life, Education and Parents

Keir Gilchrist was born in Camden Town, London in 28 September 1992 AD to a Canadian parents Catherine and Ian Gilchrist. His maternal grandfather was a banker, politician and economist Douglas Peters. His uncle himself is also a economist, David Wilfrid Peters.

Keir Gilchrist

Keir Gilchrist Spent his early young years in London before moving to Boston, Massachusetts during his childhood. After that he moved to New York City and later finally settling in Toronto, Ontario. He completed his education in London before moving to Toronto, Ontario. He found his passion for acting when he joined at Vaughan Road Academy, where he consistently took part in various dramas and theatre productions.

Personal Life

Keir Gilchrist is very good with keeping his personal life profile low and private despite of his remarkable career accomplishments. Currently in relationship but without any spouse, he is still active in his social handle such as Instagram ( @keirgilchristofficial ) with more than 493k followers.

Keir Gilchrist

Controversies and Relationship

Keir Gilchrist was a victim of controversy and criticism over his movie Atypical’s role, in which he plays the role of a autistic college student. This movie later got cancelled in Netflix. This movie was losing track of time, In this movie they show that a boy with autism always arrives late where as in reality its quite opposite. In reality people with autism are always punctual.

People later then started speculating that If Keir Gilchrist had autism or not but the truth is that he did his role so well that people started believing he is an autistic person which is false. This shows how good of a actor he himself is.

Keir Gilchrist

Keir Gilchrist’s another controversy was being gay rumors after his portrayal of Marshall in United States of Tara. The truth and simple answer to that speculation is he is not gay and in fact in relationship with Michelle Farrah Huang.



2004The Right Way
2005Horsie’s Retreat
2005The Waldo Cumberbund Story
2006A Lobster Tale
2007Dead Silence
2008The Rocker
2009Just Peck
2009Hungry Hills
2010It’s Kind of a Funny Story
2011Matty Hanson and the Invisibility Ray
2013Seasick Sailor
2014It Follows
2015Dark Summer
2015The Stanford Prison Experiment
2015The Heyday of the Insensitive Bastards
2015Len and Company
2015Tales of Halloween
2016The Good Neighbor
2016Katie Says Goodbye
2019Castle in the Ground
2021An Intrusion
2023The Featherweight
2024Freaky Tales
Keir Gilchrist


2003Queer as Folk
Samantha : An American Girl Holiday
20051 800 Missing
2006Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends
Re Genesis
2007Family Guy
The Winner
Life with Derek
2009The Listener
2009-2011United States of Tara
2013Family Guy
2014Sea of Fire
2017Room 104
2023Love & Death
Keir Gilchrist

Music Videos


Awards and Recognition

Keir Gilchrist has achieved notable success in his career by the age of 30. Since his starting age his acting was worth of a praise specially for his contribution in his movies like Its Kind of a Funny Story and It Follows.

2008Best Lead Performance By A Male in a Television MovieNominee
2014Best Performance in a TV Series – Leading Young ActorNominee

More Info

Height170 cm
Weight64 kg
Birthplace Camden Town, London

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How much is Keir Gilchrist’s net worth?

Keir Gilchrist’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $5 million.

Which roles has Keir Gilchrist been recognized for?

Keir Gilchrist gained recognition for his portrayal of Sam Gardner in the TV series “Atypical.”

Is Keir Gilchrist gay?

No, Keir Gilchrist is not gay.

Is Keir Gilchrist single?

No, Keir Gilchrist is not single. He is currently in relationship with Farrah Huang.

Is Sam autistic in real life?

Keir Gilchrist is not diagnosed with autism in real life. He acted autism in his movie “Atypical” as the role of Sam who is an autistic college student.

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