Maya Unger
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NameMaya Unger
Birthday6 June
Net worthunder review

In the realm of celebrity culture, there are few capable talents like Maya Unger. Along with her mysterious charm and undebatable talent she definitely has carved out a different fame for herself in the entertainment industry, leaving an incredible work and performance among the fans worldwide. Due to her early start and stardom in her career she has given her talent and hard work which makes her journey very unique and memorable. She has worked in more than 20+ films and TV series.

Maya Unger
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Net worth

Maya Unger is one of the most successful actress in Hollywood earning her a lot of fortune but while her net worth is still under review and unconfirmed. It is difficult to pin point the exact amount but it is safe to say she has earned a fortune amount of money for through her career.

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Delivering back to back blockbuster films to getting handsome amount of brand endorsement deals she has definitely uplifted her portfolio which has vastly contributed to her financial success. But she has still not done yet but she remain unfazed by the wealth while she is focused on improving her skills and delivering more to the audience and the film industry.

Early Life, Education and Parents Details

Maya Unger was born on 6 June 1995 to the director and screenwriter Mirjam Unger and the director and producer Antonin Svoboda born in Vienna. She was born in New York City. She was raised in a modest apartment which located in the heart of Brooklyn and she was raised very uniquely than any other ordinary children. Her parents were both very passionate about art and in entertainment industry by which she got to learn creativity form a very young age.

Maya Unger’s childhood was infused with vibrancy of arts and creativity. Even though she had a humble childhood her parents prioritized her education meanwhile recognizing her inner talent and drive in art. Her parents were very supportive and encouraged her to pursue her passions wholeheartedly in entertainment field and making her believe in she could achieve anything in life.

Maya Unger
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Due to her parents unvaluable support and love she also excelled her her academics and earned scholarship in one of the most prestigious performing arts school in New York City. That was not the end but the beginning of her incredible journey in film industry. Along with hunger of leaning something new day by day she began to get attention of everyone through her acting, dancing. Many industry insiders got caught by her talent and saw great potential in her.


2005Games Life
2017Love brings death
2019SOKO Kitzbühel – In medias res
Chance & Necessity
2020Crime scene: below
2021Magda drives a motorcycle
Walking on Sunshine
2022SOKO Linz – Lazarus
City comedy – The white goblin
Vamos a la playa
2023Determined quickly 
Who we wanted to be 
2024Persona Non Grata 


  • Nomination for best film debut for Games life (2006)
  • Nomination in the category Most popular offspring female (2021)

Controversies and Relationships

Just like any celebrity Maya Unger earned a lot of fame at a very young age and along with that the media and their controversial news. She has been in public’s eye for a very long time as well as media. She has been a victim of a controversy which allegedly accused of her behaving diva-like on set feuds and being involved in scandals with grace and poise. Despite of those controversies she refused to get affected by it and get focused on her work and her career and head forward in life.

Maya Unger
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Talking about relationship she has been equally mysterious about it as well. She has been linked with big names in matter of romances over the past few years. She has always been very careful about her private life and always favoring to keep relationship out of her life’s spotlight. She has been constantly refusing any romances to distract her career as she is more determined about her career and work rather than side relationships and rumors.

More info

Height166 cm
BirthplaceNew York City

What is Maya Unger’s nationality?

Maya Unger’s nationality is Austrian.

What is Maya Unger’s net worth?

Maya Unger’s net worth is still under review.

How old is Maya Unger?

Maya Unger is 28 years old.

Does Maya Unger have Instagram?

Yes, Maya Unger does have Instagram with the username @maya_unger with over 4.2K followers.

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