Briella Guiza is a 11 year old actress known for her appearances on Ambulance (2022) and The Terminal List (2022). Briella is a female Pisces who was born under the sign of Pisces. Her ethnicity is White or Caucasian. Briella’s mother’s name & father’s name is unknown. She has a Twin sister named Anjella Guiza. Briella Guiza stands 4 feet 4 inches (1.34 metres) tall and weighs 30 kilogrammes (66 pounds). Her eyes are dark, and she has light brown hair.

Briella Guiza
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NameBriella Guiza
Gender Female
Date of BirthMarch 18, 2011
Nationality American
SiblingAnjella Guiza (Twin Sister)


Briella Guiza’s net worth isn’t publicly available, but she has had success as a model, and actress.

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It’s unclear what schooling Briella has had. Since then, she has been the recipient of several acting and academic scholarships, which speaks to her intelligence, perseverance, passion, and desire to develop her performance and character range.

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Career of Briella Guiza

Briella started out in modelling before pursuing a career in entertainment. Guiza is among the most well-known young actresses in Hollywood. After she appeared on Station 19 (TV Series) 2021, her fame grew. Briella’s resume of performing roles is extensive. Along with the phrases Don’t Drive Intoxicated and Don’t Drive Intoxicated, she starred in the AAA marketing ad Don’t Drive Distracted in 2021.

Alongside her twin sister Anjella Guiza, she has also graced the covers of magazines including Icon Fashion Magazine and Kat Walk Kids Fashion Magazines. 2018 saw Briella take on the role of Erica Garcia in the fourth season of Station 19, “Forever and Ever, Amen,” marking her on-screen debut. She portrayed ten-year-old Dorothy in the 2019 season of Twisted Sisters. She was chosen for the role of Lucy in the Blumhouse Television and Epix Film Production film “There Is Something Wrong With The Children” in 2021. She was cast as Antonio in the TV series The Terminal List in 2022.

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The movie then follows a former Navy SEAL who goes undercover to find out why, on a very dangerous clandestine mission, his entire battalion was ambushed. She portrayed Lindsey in the 2022 motion picture “Ambulance.” The movie Ambulance was supposed to hit theatres on March 25, 2022, but she was cast for the part in 2021. as well as the forthcoming motion pictures Ambulance 2022, The Terminal List (TV Series) 2022, and There’s Something Wrong with the Children.

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